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Headache got you down again? Try yoga!

by , 17 July 2013

Go to the doctor with persistent headaches, and you'll probably get a brand new prescription drug (and a ludicrously expensive CAT scan if you're lucky). But did you know headaches have been successfully treated for thousands of years with this brilliant mind-body connecting practice? Here's why yoga could be the ultimate natural headache solution…

If you’re like most people, you assume yoga is some fluffy fitness craze that gives skinny celebrities their perfect behinds… but this ancient Indian practice actually has endless benefits. The Huffington Post reveals ten yoga poses for headache relief, and here’s how they can help you…

Yoga eases headaches because it relieves stress

Jobs, relationships, money trouble… All these stresses end up affecting our physical make-up in ways even scientists can’t really understand. Our muscles tense up and our fat cells store toxins which are a by-product of stress. Headaches are also a side-effect of stress because many people hold tension in their neck and shoulders, which contributes to headaches.

Yoga gently warms, stretches and strengthens muscles so stress is instantly relieved. Many people also report feeling better in general when doing yoga regularly, because it relieves the cumulative stresses on the body.

Yoga improves blood flow and oxygenates the body for headache relief

As with any moderate exercise, yoga offers physical benefits as well as mental ones. Intermediate yoga poses stimulate blood flow, improves circulation and can relieve the ache of a pounding headache.

The deep breathing techniques incorporated into yoga also increase oxygen levels in the body. This makes you more awake and alert when a headache has you feeling fatigued.

Releasing tension from your body with yoga will help relieve headaches. Whether you feel a headache coming on, or you just need some tension relief, try a few simple yoga moves for proven relief.

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Headache got you down again? Try yoga!
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