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Having allergies could be good for you!

by , 14 May 2013

One in five people suffer from allergies. The most common are those to pollen, house dust mites, mould, pets (such as cats and dogs) wasps and bees, industrial and household chemicals, and foods such as milk, nuts and eggs. But now there's evidence, if you suffer from allergies, it may not be all bad news...

Few things can ruin a day like a bout of hay fever
Blocked up, sneezing and headaches. If these symptoms sound familiar, there may actually be some good news.

According to new research, allergies could protect your brain from cancer.

Here’s the link between allergies and brain cancer revealed

You see, when your body detects allergens, it produces IgE antibodies. While it’s not clear how IgE antibodies work, they cause your body to react against foreign substances such as pollen, and fungus. IgE antibodies levels are often high in people with allergies.

According to research published in the Journal for Cancer Research, “allergy patients with a moderately high blood level of IgE were less likely to develop glioma brain tumours,” writes Jenny Thompson for the Health Sciences Institute.

According to WebMD, “these tumours tend to grow and infiltrate into the normal brain tissue, which makes surgical removal very difficult or sometimes impossible and complicates treatment.”

So considering how deadly these brain tumors are, these results offer a promising key to the future treatment of them.

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Having allergies could be good for you!
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