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Happiness really is contagious! No, seriously, it's just been scientifically-proven…

by , 25 August 2015

You've heard it a million times before: Happiness is contagious. And a new study published last week in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, went on to scientifically prove this!

Surrounding yourself with good friends and good moods is great for your health - both mental and physical, the study concluded. This is a great, happy read to end your day!

New study finds that surrounding yourself with happy people has a big positive impact on your health

Researchers behind the study, of the University of Warwick and the University of Manchester in the UK, looked at data from 2,000 teens in the US based on data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.
Using method similar to the types that scientists use to track the spread of disease, they were able to see just how mood spread between teens and their social networks.
The results showed that those who had more friends with healthy moods reduced the teen’s chance of developing depression. It also increased the likelihood of recovering from depression.
“What we found is that if you have sufficient friends who aren’t depressed, in a healthy mood, then that can halve your probability of developing, or double your probability of recovering from, clinical depression,” study co-author Thomas House, a lecturer at the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester told CBS News.

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So is the opposite true too then? Can unhappy friends have a negative impact on your health?

According to the researchers: Nope. Having friends who suffer from unhealthy moods and depression doesn’t affect the mental health of the friends surrounding them. Interesting!
“There’s no negative effect to friendship,” House told the news outlet. “Your depressed friends don’t put you at more risk. In fact, you can help them recover.”
The takeaway here? I’d say it’s to spread happiness wherever you go. If you’re going to post something to Facebook, Twitter or the like, make sure it’s positive. You never know how large of a positive impact it may have on somebody else!

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Happiness really is contagious! No, seriously, it's just been scientifically-proven…
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