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Got blue eyes? Then you're at the highest risk of becoming an alcoholic!

by , 10 July 2015

According to a surprising new study from University of Vermont researchers, your eye colour may tell you something about your risk for alcohol addiction.

The study, published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics: Neuropsychiatric Genetics (Part B), found that people with light-coloured eyes, including blue, green, brown and grey in the centre but lighter around the edges showed a higher frequency of alcohol dependency. In comparison to those with darker eyes, that is.

But blue eyes showed the strongest association with alcohol dependency overall.

Read on to find out more about the interesting new link found between blue eyes and alcohol addiction.

Researchers explain the possible reason for the blue eyes and alcohol dependency correlation

Researchers compared the genetic sequences that determine eye colour to those linked to alcoholism. They found that “they line up along the same chromosome, in close proximity”, which may help explain the association.
However, researchers did add that they still don’t know the exact reason for the correlation. Study author Arvis Sulovari says they need to conduct further research.

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How the newfound eye colour alcoholism association can be helpful

Sulovari reports: “This is something that may prove useful in the future for other researchers, or in clinics when figuring out the cause of alcoholism.”
So it might not be the silver bullet for solving the problem of alcohol dependency, but it’s certainly a start.

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Got blue eyes? Then you're at the highest risk of becoming an alcoholic!
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