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Got a desk job? Beware the health problems that come with working an eight-hour day!

by , 04 November 2013

Beware the strain on your eyes! That's the most common desk job health warning you'll hear. But it's not just your eyes you need to worry about. IN fact, if you sit badly at your desk, the experts at Health Bytes believe you could also suffer from headaches, back pain, wrist strain and chronic fatigue…

Sitting at your desk all day places a unique set of demands on your health. Without proper training and good habits, your eyes, neck, back and whole body can suffer.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Use Health Bytes’ four smart habits to avoid unnecessary health problems at your desk.

Four ways to avoid desk-related health problems

#1: Get the angle right to avoid visual problems
Eye strain, soreness, visual fatigue and headaches can all result from a computer screen set at an uncomfortable height or angle. You can avoid these 21st century work-related hazards simply by adjusting the position of your screen.

When sitting comfortably and looking at the screen, your eyes should land’ at the top of it. If they don’t, you’re likely to experience eye-related difficulties later on. Also arrange the screen at 90 degrees to your desk, to minimise reflections from ceiling lights and/or high windows.

#2: Take regular breaks
The bright light given off by computer screens doesn’t help fatigue and stress. Spend at least five minutes every hour doing non-computer work. This will rest your eyes. How to avoid backache by sitting properly at your desk

#3: Keep your feet on the floor to avoid backache
Dangling legs affect your circulation. This creates bad posture and can lead to backache.

#4: Avoid wrist strain from typing all day
Avoid wrist problems by doing this simple exercise every morning before work. Hold your arms out straight in front of you. Lift up your hands at 90 degrees and spread your fingers. Hold for five seconds, lower and relax. Then clench your fists and lower your wrists at 90 degrees. Hold for five seconds, straighten and relax. Repeat ten times and repeat at lunchtime, just before starting work for the afternoon.

There you have it. There’s nothing you can do if your career means you’re desk bound most of the day, but that doesn’t mean your health has to suffer. Be smart and you can avoid the common – yet painful – health problems that come with a desk job.

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Got a desk job? Beware the health problems that come with working an eight-hour day!
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