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Give your immune system a boost ahead of flu season - no flu jab required…

by , 14 March 2013

The Catholic world has breathed a sigh of relief now that a new pope has been elected. But while former Pope Benedict stepped down due to health fears, some are concerned that Pope Francis will have similar health issues because he only has one lung. But it seems the 76-year-old's main health concern will be avoiding the flu - something you should do too as winter approaches.

The new pope is said to have lost the greater part of one lung to a teenage infection. 
“He feels it today… he's a little bit slowed by it, but he's OK," confirms Bloomberg Business Week.
While having just one fully functional lung shouldn’t compromise the pope's health, he’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise and take  a yearly flu vaccination and an occasional pneumonia vaccine to avoid infection.
But even if you have two fully functional lungs, the flu or a lung infection can mean weeks in bed recovering.
You’d be silly to delay preparing your immune system for flu season!
YahooNews warns that this year’s flu season will be especially ‘severe’ for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.
That’s why you need to do all you can to boost your immune system – and you don’t even need to resort to a flu jab, which many fear actually puts you at risk of developing a nervous disorder.
So don’t wait until you feel fluey before trying to boost your immune system.
Start now!
Here’s how to boost your immune system with vitamin supplements…
FSP Health suggests you strengthen your immune system by adding vitamin C and D to your system.
For optimal levels of vitamin D, you’ll need to get plenty of sunlight and take 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily.
Also take 3g a day of vitamin C – but up the dose if you already feel flu symptoms kicking in.
And remember that you can also boost your immune system by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and minimising stress.
Implement these changes today so your immune system’s strong enough to fight off infection! After all, flu season’s just around the corner! 

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Give your immune system a boost ahead of flu season - no flu jab required…
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