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Getting naked can save your health!

by , 28 January 2014

Getting naked can actually save your health! And while it's not really the physical act of getting or being naked that keeps your health in check, whipping off your kit could be a lifesaver. Here why…

When you’re not feeling well you go to the doctor so he can tell you what’s wrong with you. And then he’ll give you something to make you feel better. 
But think about your last visit to the doctor. A 15 – 20 minute consult ending in you walking out with a few squiggles on a smallish piece of paper. And with orders to go straight to the pharmacy. 
In those 20 minutes, there was an “aaaah” moment where an ice cream stick slipped onto your tongue. You took a few deep breaths and you described what your symptoms were. 
Don’t get us wrong, doctors sure know what they’re doing! But you could significantly help them with their diagnosis just by getting naked.
Get naked and examine your body
When you get out the shower and you’re clean, there’s no reason not to take a few extra minutes and check all those hard to reach places to see if there’s anything you should be concerned about. 
Imagine a little creepy crawly managed to climb up your leg and bite you on your back… Now you’d have a really bad headache and feel like a bus has run over you a couple of times. But if you’d just gotten naked, you would have later walked into the doctor’s office and said “A tick has bitten me and I don’t feel so great” instead of leaving him mulling over the millions of reasons you have a headache and fever. 
Take advantage of getting naked and save your health
Things like bites, sores on the skin, bruising and rashes can all signify health issues. And you can get early treatment for a variety of ailments and diseases if you just give yourself a once over when you get naked. 

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Getting naked can save your health!
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