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Get some midday exercise to walk your way to a better night's sleep…

by , 02 May 2013

Struggling to sleep at night? You're probably going through a stressful time. That's why sleep problems continue to plague many in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing. Luckily, you can improve the quality of your sleep - all it takes is a bit of exercise!

When you’re deeply stressed, it’s little wonder you have trouble falling or staying asleep. 
That’s why sleeping difficulties have been one of the most common health complaints in Boston since the Boston Marathon bombing in April, says TheBostonGlobe

Because while many feel anger or a bit of fear as a normal response to these large-scale disasters, there’s also a chance that post traumatic disorder or PTSD has kicked in, affecting your sleep, says FSP Health.
But if you’re in similar sleep-deprived state, don’t reach for the sleeping pills just yet.
You could be surprised at the effectiveness of certain relaxation techniques to still your mind.
And exercise has just been proven as a top way to do so.
In fact, when it comes to preventing health problems like insomnia, exercise is one of the best medicines we have," says Dr David Katz on TheBostonGlobe.
The reason you should get more exercise?
Exercisers fall asleep faster, suffer fewer middle-of-the-night wake-ups and have a reduced risk of sleep disorders.
Two reasons why exercise helps you get a better night’s sleep…
That’s because exercise helps lower your core body temperature and increases the amount of sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, says Philly.com.
You don’t even need to set aside an hour for gym before or after work.
All you need to do work out on your lunch break by getting away from your desk to go for a brisk walk.
The added bonus of a midday exercise session?
This’ll make you more productive at the office as you’ll return to your desk in a different frame of mind, which will in turn increase job satisfaction, adds Philly.com
And if you’re more productive at work, you’ll be more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

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Get some midday exercise to walk your way to a better night's sleep…
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