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Four natural solutions to reduce gallbladder attacks

by , 28 August 2013

If you already have gallstones and suffer from gall bladder attacks (severe cramping pain accompanied by nausea), your doctor will probably advise you to have your gall bladder removed. But before you consider surgery, there are ways to reduce your risk of another attack or more gallstones forming. Here are four natural solutions you can use to cut gallstones down naturally.

If you have gallstones, having your gallbladder removed is one way to prevent gallstones from recurring. But, Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition&Healing believes you should try these natural solutions before you opt for surgery.

Reduce gallbladder attacks with these four natural solutions

#1: Lose weight: Your chance of developing gallstones doubles if you’re overweight and it increases up to six times if you’re obese.
That’s why “a low carbohydrate diet is a safe and effective way to achieve your ideal weight and the risk of gallstones forming again,” says Dr Wright.

Just be sure to regulate your weight loss because rapid weight loss can increase your risk of gallstones. Include plenty of fibre from fresh green vegetables and salads. Also include some vegetable protein, for instance from soya beans.

#2: Food Allergies: Eliminating ‘offending foods’ can be an effective precaution to prevent gallbladder attacks.

Dr Wright explains that in one study, all 69 subjects with gall bladder problems eliminated symptoms when the problem foods were identified and removed from their diets.

“Typical symptom-inducing foods include eggs, pork, milk and coffee. It has been suggested that in susceptible people the body reacts to these foods by causing the ducts carrying bile to swell, impeding the flow of bile from the gall bladder,” says Dr Wright.

#3: Herbal remedies: The most powerful herbal remedies for gallbladder problems are dandelion and milk thistle.

Dandelion contains antioxidants that help your body fight off toxic bacteria and viruses. And milk thistle promotes a healthy liver.

Dried and roasted dandelion root (pick a ‘standardised extract’) can be used as a healthy substitute for coffee. The standard dose of milk thistle is between 75mg and 200mg taken three times a day. But it’s advisable to get a specific dose from your doctor.

#4: Lecithin: The phospholipid lecithin and its active ingredient phosphatidyl choline is an ingredient of bile that helps to protect against gallstone formation.

A supplement of around 1,200mg a day of lecithin helps prevent gallstones and may also help dissolve existing stones. You can get lecithin supplements in your local health shop.

Following these natural and effective measures to treat and prevent gallstones won’t only protect you from suffering painful and debilitating gall bladder attacks, it’s a safe way to avoid the potential risks of surgery, such as infection, bleeding and blood clots.

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Four natural solutions to reduce gallbladder attacks
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