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For the sake of your teeth, put down the fizzy drinks!

by , 31 May 2013

If you drink more than a can of fizzy drinks or sodas a day, you're setting yourself up for health problems down the line. That's because sweetened drinks - your favourite can of soft drink included - have been proven to not only put you at risk of obesity and diabetes, but also kidney stones. Now there's another reason to go for non-fizzy drinks instead - they've been found to be just as bad for your teeth as taking meth or crack cocaine!

Ever noticed your teeth feel ‘fuzzy’ after drinking a can of soft drink?
There’s a reason for that.
A new study has found that not only does ‘soda addiction’ damage your teeth – it causes the same kind of tooth damage as meth, says TimesLive.
That’s because of the levels of citric acid present in both regular and diet soda.
Tooth erosion then occurs when the acid wears away the glossy, protective outside layer of the tooth known as tooth enamel.
That’s why you get that ‘fuzzy tooth’ feeling after drinking soda!
And without enamel protection, your teeth are more likely to develop cavities, cracks, discoloration and become more sensitive, explains TimesLive. 
As it’s World No Tobacco Day, you can take a further step to protect your teeth by making an effort to quit smoking.
That’s because postmenopausal women are more likely to lose their teeth due to periodontal disease if they smoke.
Periodontal disease is a chronic, inflammatory condition that may be related to the development of cancer explains FSPHealth.
And as “the modern mouth exists in a permanent disease state,” you have further reason to cut back on the sugary drinks, as scientists believe the introduction of processed sugar to modern diets has completely changed the composition of oral bacteria in humans, leaving us more likely to develop cancers, says FSPHealth.
That’s why you need to cut sugary drinks from your diet – starting today – to boost your oral health and keep your teeth healthy long into your golden years. 
Three tooth-healthy drinks to replace soda with…
Replace the sugary drinks with water, watered down fruit juice, or – your best bet – milk, reports FSPHealth.
That’s because milk’s high calcium content add more calcium keeps your teeth healthy and strong.
If you can’t stomach milk, simply add more dairy products like yoghurt and cheese to your diet, adds FSPHealth.
It’s a great way to counteract the damage you’ve already done to your teeth by drinking fizzy drinks!

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For the sake of your teeth, put down the fizzy drinks!
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