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Five common myths about autoimmune disease debunked

by , 12 September 2016
Five common myths about autoimmune disease debunked
Autoimmune disease is a complicated disease that happens when your immune system attacking your body's own healthy tissues. So why does this happen? Autoimmunity is triggered when your immune system isn't able to tell the strange cells apart from your body's cells.

Autoimmune disease can wreak havoc on almost every single one of your organs - including your muscles, eyes, heart and brain. Read on for five must-know facts about suffering from autoimmune disease.

Five myths about autoimmune disease

#1: You can’t reverse autoimmune disease
While there’s a large genetic component in autoimmune disease, genetic expression can be modified. In other words, for you to develop an autoimmune disease, something in your diet plan, personal circumstances or environment has to turn on the group of genes that trigger autoimmunity. Through eating healthily, managing your stressors and reducing your toxic burden, you can absolutely instruct your problematic genes to turn off again and restore your exhausted immune system to health.
#2: You need to take heavy medications to reduce your symptoms
Sadly, a large number of conventional doctors overlook the importance of good nutrition as a key factor in health. The concept of a toxic burden is dismissed by most doctors, not to mention the importance of removing that burden from autoimmune disease sufferers. Because of this, doctors think there’s only one way to treat autoimmune disease symptoms – with harsh medications. However, a huge number of people around the world have proved that through food and supplements, you can reset and strengthen your immune system and heal your gut lining and ultimately reduce your autoimmune disease symptoms.

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#3: Improving your gut health won’t have any effect on the progression of your autoimmune disease
Your digestive system and immune system may be two different aspects of your body, but you should never ignore your gut, considering most of your immune system is located within it. It’s critical to focus on your digestive health and heal your leaky gut if you want to reverse your autoimmune disease. The bottom line: If you want to be healthy, you must have a healthy gut! Many patients have reported immediate immune system results from digestive system healing.
#4: Eliminating gluten from your diet won’t help your autoimmune disease symptoms
Gluten-free isn’t just some crazy fad that people are trying to cash in on. If you run to your doctor and tell him or her that you’re concerned about gluten, he or she will most likely recommend having a blood test done to see if you have celiac disease. Or, he or she may ask you if you have digestive problems. If you answer “no”, you’re likely to be told that you needn’t worry about gluten. But this is all wrong… the idea that gluten plays no significant role in autoimmunity is one of the most dangerous myths out there. Gluten can very well be behind your autoimmune condition, so it’s worth cutting out gluten foods to see if your symptoms reduce.

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#5: Genetics are the leading cause of autoimmune disease, not your environment
Here’s a very powerful statistic for you… genetics accounts for around 25% of the chance that you’ll develop an autoimmune disease. The remaining 75% of the picture is environmental – and therefore in your control. Simply put, whatever genes you were born with, you’ve got the power to control your body’s response to autoimmunity, and to create a healthy life. Don’t become a prisoner of your genetics!

And there you have it – five common myths about autoimmune disease cleared up. Do any of these facts about autoimmune disease surprise you?

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Five common myths about autoimmune disease debunked
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