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Finally! Natural relief for fibromyalgia sufferers...

by , 19 June 2013

Fibromyalgia sufferers endure joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, insomnia, depression, brain fog and more...

The worst part about fibromyalgia is it takes forever to get properly diagnosed. And then the mainstream medical establishment tells you there’s not much they can do for you.

If you've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or experience the symptoms mentioned above, this Health Bytes issue may be exactly what you've been waiting for...  

Relieve fatigue and weakness naturally...

A new study out of Brazil may offer you hope for relief from one of the major symptoms of this debilitating condition.

In the study, Brazilian researchers asked fibromyalgia sufferers to supplement daily with creatine for a period of 16 weeks. Creatine is an organic acid that’s critical to maintaining your energy levels and maintaining muscle.

The volunteers who supplemented with creatine increased their strength by as much as 10% over the course of the study. While participants who didn’t take creatine became weaker.

Previous research has shown fibromyalgia sufferers often lack adequate levels of creatine in their brains. This could explain the fatigue and muscle weakness.

Now, you can walk into any health shop that sell bodybuilding supplements and you'll find dozens of products containing creatine. But best you stay away from those.

Bodybuilding supplements with creatine are designed for muscle-pumping bodybuilders. They often feature unsafe levels of creatine which can cause permanent kidney damage.

Instead, work with your doctor to find a creatine product that is appropriate for your age and has the right dose to give you the maximum benefit.

Another option is to try is Ultimate Muscle Support which has enough but too much creatine, as well as other essential nutrients for maintaining muscle. Find out more about it here...

But, of course, creatine won't help with the other symptoms. But that doesn't mean there isn't natural relief.

Dr Wright has been telling his readers of Nutrition & Healing about a nutrient IV therapy pioneered by Dr John Myers in the late 1960s.

This therapy is often called the Myers Cocktail or IVFM. It's a high-dose combination of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

This IV therapy has also proven effective for numerous other health problems including asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue (even chronic fatigue syndrome), muscle spasms, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis.

It takes just 10 to15 minutes. And it appears to be safe as long as it's administered by a natural medicine physician.

It can be done as often as once a week or as infrequently as once a month. Many patients report that after a month, their symptoms begin to return.

Some patients experience immediate relief while for others, it takes as much as six to eight weeks to feel a difference.

If you're plagued by fibromyalgia, speak to your doctor about an IVFM treatment.
You’ve been told to avoid it at all costs... But this ‘forbidden’ food could be the biggest health breakthrough of our time...

Your whole life, you’ve been warned that this substance can wreak havoc on your health.

But the bad rap could be for nothing. Because research proves this shunned food could:
  • Wash away stubborn bladder infections (often in less than 48 hours)
  • Decrease tooth decay by 80%– without having to drop any of your favourite foods
  • Reduce blood clots without the dangerous side effects of aspirin
  • Cut sinus and ear infections by 93% – you can actually feel it working in minutes.
  • And you should see how it could help you drop weight!
Discover what it is and how can you get your hands on it here...

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Finally! Natural relief for fibromyalgia sufferers...
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