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#FeelingNuts - A new celeb-led campaign for testicular cancer awareness month

by , 03 November 2014

Just when you thought you were getting used to growing your moustache - or living with a guy who's growing his - for the month of Movember, there's something else you're going to have to learn to accept.

All over the world, men are posting pictures of themselves on social media grabbing their “nuts”.

That's right!

Since November 1st, you're allowed to feel yourself up “publically” - as long as you #FeelingNuts!

But don't worry, the world hasn't gone nuts. It's all for a very good cause.

You see, testicular cancer robs thousands of young boys of their future every year. It's one of the most deadly kept secrets there is!

Here's why...

Testicular cancer is most common in teens and young men

The most common age group affected by testicular cancer is boys and men ranging between 15 and 34.
And it’s a deadly cancer.
But here’s the thing: If you pick it up early, you have a really good chance of beating the disease!
It’s when you don’t realise you have it that it can kill you.
The problem is, teens and young men mostly think they’re invincible. Why would they get cancer?
Well, 1 in 100,000 do!
And that’s why it’s so important to run campaigns that bring awareness – in a cool way – to these age groups to make them think differently.
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Two great awareness campaigns targeting men with cancer

#1. Movember
Initially, Movember hoped to increase awareness around prostate cancer.
Sure it’s fun to grow a “mo” and compare it to your friends’ at the end of the month and post “obscene” photos of yourself on the Internet, but these campaigns have a greater significance in men’s lives.
The Movember Foundation says prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in men and one in six men will develop cancer in their lifetime.
Today it’s become more a symbolic campaign for men’s overall sexual health and cancer awareness.
#2. #FeelingNuts
Join celebrities like Hugh Jackman, the boy band 5 Seconds of Summer and Ricky Gervais in the #FeelingNuts campaign. To join, post a picture of yourself grabbing your crotch – clothed please – and nominate your guy friends to do the same.
Just remember what this campaign is all about… It’s a reminder to check yourself. And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.
Here’s how to check your sexual health
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Check yourself every month and take note of any changes as soon as they pop up

Regularly check the skin around your scrotum and penis for any changes. If you have any sores that don’t heal, changes in colour or texture of the skin that doesn’t revert back to normal or you have any lumps and bumps where there shouldn’t be any, have your doctor check them.
If you notice anything that wasn’t there before, make an appointment with your doctor immediately as they can be the first signs of testicular cancer.
It’s also essential to have a regular prostate exam form the age of 40. But if you have cancer in the family, it’s better to have the check as early as the age of 30.
Bottom line: Because testicular cancer affects many teens and young men, you have to check yourself.
And remember, your doctor has seen it all before, so if it’s embarrassment you’re worried about, take a deep breath and be proud you’re taking the steps to prevent cancer!

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#FeelingNuts - A new celeb-led campaign for testicular cancer awareness month
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