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Feeling moody? Stay away from the chocolate!

by , 18 March 2013

Do you find yourself reaching for a chocolate at 3pm to ward off that afternoon mood slump? New research shows you could just be making things worse for yourself by doing so. Here are simple ways to boost your mood without relying on junk food for a temporary sugar rush…

Many of us turn to comfort eating when we’re under strain.
Now, there’s more than just weight gain to worry about, as scientists have discovered turning to junk food like chocolates as a mood booster can backfire and actually worsen your mood.
Bad mood + chocolate = guilt
The research shows that women concerned about their diet feel worse after eating junk food, especially if they were already in a bad mood to start with, says The DailyMail.
 Because guilt is now explicitly related to food intake, says FSP Health.
So the more you eat, the worse you feel.
That’s why you should steer clear of chocolate and other comfort foods and go for different mood boosters instead.
Chocolate still your favourite mood booster? Replace it with exercise!
“Try yoga or meditation”, suggests The Examiner.
Other than exercise, FSP Health adds that you can also boost your mood by “drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and by supplementing your calcium and vitamin D intake.”
You can also block the craving for something sweet altogether by taking 4g of gymnema in tablet form two to three times a day, as gymnema “literally blocks your taste buds from recognising sweet flavours”, making chocolate less appetising, says FSP Health
Don’t ignore those chocolate cravings…
And if you find you’re still craving chocolate, pay attention.
A food craving generally means you’re running low on certain minerals, like magnesium, so keep a list of everything you’re craving and discuss it with your doctor, says FSP Health.
You’ll soon have a healthier body, with a healthier mind to boot!

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Feeling moody? Stay away from the chocolate!
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