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Feeling itchy? It might be measles!

by , 04 March 2013

If you've noticed a sudden rash on your body and you're feeling a bit run down, it's probably just heat rash, as we're having such sunny weather. But there's also a chance that you've picked up measles. The good news is that you'll be immune to catching measles again once you've gone through it. The bad news is that many cases of measles are now proving fatal, especially in a strain that's now being reported in Nigeria. Here's what to look out for and how to prevent measles.

There’s been an outbreak of measles in Nigeria. 
News24 Nigeria confirms that six people have already died of measles in the last two weeks. 
And while more children under the age of five are being vaccinated against measles around the world, that doesn’t mean they’re immune.
Because while measles vaccination is usually protective against measles, it’s not always effective if you have a weak immune system or if you skip the booster shot, says About.Pediatrics
It could even affect you as an adult if you didn’t have a measles vaccination or booster shot in the first place, as measles is highly contagious.
Measles tends to be more severe in adults and infants, so if you’ve been around a child in the past two weeks who now has measles, watch carefully for any symptoms.
If it’s measles, you’ll feel itchy, hot, and under the weather
The three main symptoms of measles are a red rash, a high fever and sensitivity to light, explains eHow.
But while most cases of measles are mild, they can be followed by complications like ear infections, bronchitis, strep throat or encephalitis. So contact your doctor immediately if other symptoms appear.
Your best bet to prevent measles is making sure you’ve had your booster shot against them. If not, you can still strengthen your immune system to ward off an attack.
Here’s the easiest way to prevent measles – strengthen your immune system!
FSP Health says vitamin C is a must for boosting your immune system as it’s a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from being damaged when disease attacks.
All you need to do is take 1,000 to 3,000mg of vitamin C per day.
You can also use zinc lozenges to boost your immune system and speed up the healing process.
Here’s to a stronger immune system and warding off the measles!

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Feeling itchy? It might be measles!
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