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Fact: Gel manicures open you up to skin cancer!

by , 22 March 2013

Beauty treatments that open you up to infection and disease have been in the spotlight this week. First it was Brazilian waxes, which have been found to lead to infection. Now, there are fears that regular gel manicures leave you open to skin cancer, thanks to the UV lamps used to set the thick nail polish. Here's what to do instead…

Do you treat yourself to regular manicures? 
They’re a great way of keeping your hands looking sophisticated, especially if you go for gel manicures, as they strengthen the nail and the polish stays put for weeks.
But if this sounds too good to be true… it probably is.
Skin experts are now asking you to rethink your beauty regime, as new research has found that regularly applying a gel manicure actually weakens your underlying nail.
Worse? Gel manicures increase your risk of skin cancer, says IOL
That’s because the UV light from lamps that’re used to set the gel can cause similar skin damage to sunbeds.
And as with any UV exposure, you risk having wrinkly hands as a result.
But not all nail salons use UV lamps to dry a gel manicure.
Rather ask around and find one that uses LED lamps for drying regular nail polish, “as these don’t pose a health risk because they don’t emit ultraviolet radiation, says FoxNews.
Limit your manicures and apply sunscreen first to prevent skin cancer!
Another way to minimise your risk of skin cancer is to apply sunscreen to your hands before having a gel manicure.
But the best option is to limit them entirely, to “decrease the consequences of chemical trauma”, says IOL.
Another surprising way to protect yourself from skin cancer…
Aspirin, the over-the-counter tablet has been found to also reduce a woman's risk for skin cancer, says FoxNews.
All you have to do is take aspirin twice a week to lower your risk of developing skin cancer by 21%, says FSP Health
Easy. And of course, always wear sunscreen when you’ll be exposed to UV rays, whether from direct sunlight or through drying a gel manicure.

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Fact: Gel manicures open you up to skin cancer!
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