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Ease your chronic pain with meditation, music and matcha!

by , 25 February 2013

Many of us suffer from chronic pain like back pain. Once it sets in, it's hard to get rid of. Now, a study shows that you can use a number of stress management techniques to keep this type of chronic pain at bay! Here's how to use the 'three Ms' to reduce stress and relief pain…

Looking for a simple way to put chronic pain at bay?
Look no further than stress management, says Newswise.
All you need to do is avoid the harmful effects of stress to better manage your pain, according to study that’s appeared in the journal Brain
That’s because “cortisol, sometimes called the stress hormone as it’s activated in reaction to stress, leads to increased vulnerability to pain,” explains ScienceWorldReport. 
So steer away from stress to keep your chronic pain under control!
It’s easier than you think.
Simple ways to steer away from stress
One if the easiest ways to relieve stress and keep chronic pain at bay is through meditation, says FSP Health
Here’s how to meditate properly to reduce stress
Simply find a quiet place, turn off your cell phone and other distractions and sit comfortably. 
Don’t allow yourself to be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. 
Then choose a word that has a calming effect when you think about it. For example, "tranquility", "peace” or "serene".
Now, relax your body and empty your mind. 
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe out, say the calming word silently to yourself. 
If other thoughts come into your mind, gently release them and continue to meditate.
You’ll soon feel less stressed and in less pain.
Let music wash away your pain
Don’t forget that music produces alpha rhythms in the brain, which are associated with relaxation.
That’s why listening to your favourite song also plays a role in relieving chronic pain!
And watch your diet, as this also plays a role in relieving pain.
Let stress and chronic pain meet their matcha!
Matcha, the powdered bright green tea first sipped in China’s Song Dynasty 1,000 years ago, is now being hailed as a superfood that fights the symptoms of stress.
So actively prevent chronic pain by reducing your stress levels in these easy ways.

Your body will thank you!

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Ease your chronic pain with meditation, music and matcha!
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