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Dr Golding unlocks this middle-age weight loss secret

by , 13 October 2015

When you turn 50, it's not just a milestone in the calendar of your life.

It's usually the time you also start to need help with the symptoms of menopause and that gut you've been fighting back over the last 10 years and now just won't budge.

And there's a very simple reason for this…

It's your hormones.

Now, before you stop reading, men this affects you too.

That's because your hormone testosterone starts to metabolise into oestrogen. Approximately one third of the male population is afflicted with this imbalance which leads to - you guessed it - weight gain, especially around your belly.

Read on below because today, I'm here to tell you about the actual secret behind why your hormones go haywire and a natural solution you can start today to shift that belly fat whether you're a man or woman…

The most common hormone blamed for middle age spread and three others you’ve probably never even heard of

As you age, it’s insulin or rather “insulin resistance” that starts to occur in your cells and makes you store fat rather than burn calories.

This resistance changes how your body handles food.

For example: In your 30s, you could eat 1,000 calories and your body would burn 700 of them and store around 300. But in your 50s, you’ll typically store 700 calories and only burn 300.

The result? Weight gain.

But before you rush out to address insulin resistance, you may be surprised to know these three other hormones are key reasons you cannot blast away your spare tyre. I’m talking about:

  • High cortisol: As a woman, when your oestrogen drops your cortisol levels rise and causes weight gain. As a man, cortisol blocks testosterone and causes more than weight gain, it’s why you’ve lost your libido too.

  • Low DHEA: Typically in men, normal DHEA levels ( the active from of testosterone) help cortisol become an inactive storage and transportation form – not enough DHEA means increased weight gain because cortisol stays active.

  • Low testosterone: This means an excess of oestrogen which means weight gain.

Fortunately, there is a way to naturally stimulate breakdown of this fat store and do it permanently

There are seven natural supplements you can take every day to maintain your hormone levels and reverse the effects of hormonal imbalances.

Read on below for three...

---------Editor's Choice---------

Shut down your body’s number one fat-making signal with the first fat-burning nutrient

Did you know: The hormone responsible for keeping your blood sugar under control is making you fat?

It’s true.

While insulin is essential for controlling your blood glucose levels, it’s also your number one fat-storing culprit.

And what’s worse, the fatter you are, the more fat you store because of insulin.

But there’s a way to stop it. Find out what it is here…


Here are three important natural belly fat busting supplements to add to your daily diet

Garcinia Cambogia: Regulates cortisol

This tropical fruit extract has received a lot of press lately and for good reason. It helps to regulate your cortisol levels, but does so much more too. Take it to decrease your appetite, block fat absorption and burn belly fat as well.

Chromium Picolinate: Controls your blood sugar for better insulin management

This mineral supplement helps you better control your insulin levels by regulating your cell’s uptake of energy.

In simple terms, it encourages your cells to respond to insulin as they should and this lowers insulin resistance levels.

Irvingia Extract: Corrects leptin resistance

Leptin is the hormone your brain responds to after you eat. It tells your brain you’re full and you should stop eating. But the hypothalamus in your brain can become resistant to its messages. And so you keep eating even if you’re not hungry.

This extract from the African Mango corrects leptin resistance and can help you naturally reduce your calorie intake by feeling full when you should.

Once you take my Realage Survey, I’ll send you the full recipe to reduce your belly fat and balance your hormones naturally, including the other four natural supplements. In addition, you’ll receive tips, actionable plans and more information on how to naturally lose weight and keep it off for good.

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Dr Golding unlocks this middle-age weight loss secret
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