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Don't let these passion killers ruin your sex life!

by , 05 December 2013

How would you rate your sex life? If your answer is “meh, lacklustre at best,” you're not alone. Studies show that, behind closed doors, one in every five couples wishes their sex life was better. The reasons vary but, in many cases, these common passion killers are to blame. Today, we show you how to overcome them so they're no longer letting you down in the bedroom…

There comes a point in every relationship when your sex life goes from “every time we see each other we rip off each other’s clothes” to just a few times a week or even a month.

While flagging libido is common as couples grow closer, other passion killers could be to blame too. 

Stress is one such factor. In fact, recently a study pin-pointed ten ‘passion killers’ that cause relationship stress levels to peak and ruin your sex life. It cited “weight-gain, poor hygiene, a lack of romance, stress from in-laws and money management” are big factors.

What it didn’t mention, was that these common health issues could be to blame too.

These three common health problems could be choking the passion out of your sex life

#1: Cold feet
Sick of your partner coming to bed with her socks on? Don’t be.

Studies from the Netherlands show “one simple way for women to boost their libido is to pop on a pair of socks,” reports IOL.

They found that 80% of women achieve orgasm when they wear socks as opposed to just 50% when they’re barefoot.

The reason?

It’s all about how safe and comfortable you feel in bed. And socks make you feel safer.

#2: Thyroid problems
“As many as 10% of women over 50 have some degree of thyroid hormone deficiency,” says webMD. And it’s ruining their sex life. This because thyroid problems make you feel tired, lacking in motivation and leave your libido flagging.

#3: A blocked nose
Smell is surprisingly important for your libido. This because it’s part of our ability to attract and be attracted to people.

Now brain scan studies by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden back this theory up. They “show that the smell of testosterone and oestrogen activates the hypothalamus - the area of the brain responsible for mood, sexual behaviour and hormones,” reports IOL. So don’t let a blocked nose or seasonal allergies get you down. Tackle them head on to protect your sex life.

So there you have it. Don’t let these passion killers ruin your sex life. Get to the root of the problem and soon your bedroom antics will be sizzling once more. 

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