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Don't let the swimming pool make you sick…

by , 18 April 2013

Two of South Africa's top swimmers, Roland Schoeman and Chad Le Clos, are taking part in the SA National Swimming trials this week. But the trials have just been postponed for a second time due to concerns that swimming in the murky green water of the Newton Park swimming pool in PE will make them sick. If you plunge into the pool without giving a thought to your health, you could easily get sick too! Here's what to look out for.

Swimming’s a great way to keep active and improve your flexibility and endurance, says FSP Health.
But not if it’s in murky water, there’s a chance your swim will make you sick.
Because yet another pipe burst near the Newton Park swimming pool yesterday after a quick clean up.
And this has led to a build up of chlorine and murky water that’s putting the swimmers at risk of diarrhoea, ear infections and asthma attacks, says IOL Sport.
That’s why you need to be careful when swimming in water that doesn’t look crystal clear.
Because it’s easy to swallow the water, which leaves you open to bacteria that cause diarrhoea that lasts for weeks.
That’s why The IndyChannel recommends you use your senses to recognise a healthy pool.
Three signs of a healthy swimming pool that won’t make you sick
  1. See that the water is clear, not cloudy; 
  2. Feel that the tiles are smooth; and
  3. Smell that there’s no strong odour.
Another reason to give the swim a miss: Too much chlorine in the swimming pool
The last point is especially important, because if you can smell the chlorine strongly, there’s probably lots of it in the pool to kill bacteria.
And while this sounds like a good thing, it puts your health at risk, as accidentally swallowing chlorine could lead to serious stomach problems, says FSP Health.
Because when chlorine enters the system, it goes after the friendly bacteria in your stomach that you need for proper digestion.
So make sure you know the signs of a healthy swimming pool and you’ll avoid falling sick after a swim.

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Don't let the swimming pool make you sick…
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