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Don't let modern life steal your sex life! Here's what you can do…

by , 29 November 2013

A survey conducted on 15,000 Britons shows that people are having less sex. The poll revealed that people between the ages of 16 and 44 years old are having sex, on average, less than five times a month compared to the more than six times in the poll conducted in 1990. Don't be a statistic! Discover how to heat up your lagging sex-life…

Researchers from University College London reveal that, despite our sex-crazed pop-culture, people are having less sex reports bbc.co.uk. The 2012 results showed that people have sex less than five times a month. This is much lower than the 1990 figures which revealed people had sex more than six times a month.


One of the researchers of the study, Dr Cath Mercer, says: “People are worried about their jobs, worried about money. They are not in the mood for sex.”

Since sexual health is an integral part of living a healthy and happy life as well as maintaining healthy relationships, these results are worrying. To help make sure you don’t become part of this statistics, here are a few tips for a healthy sex-life.

Two tips for a healthy sex-life

In 25 “Great sex secrets” revealed: Little known secrets and techniques to help keep sex alive at any age, we reveal a few secrets to keep the fire burning in your love life.

#1 – Supplements your way to sexual health
You don’t have to resort to the ‘little-blue-pill’ to save your sex life. Some of the supplements thought to help with a healthy sex-life include maca, muira pauma, catuba bark, ashwaganda, L-arginine and gotu kola.

#2 – Change things up
When things in the bedroom get boring, your desire for sex is likely to plummet. That’s why it’s important to try change things up every once in a while with new positions and ideas.

Now you have the tools you need for optimum sexual health.


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Don't let modern life steal your sex life! Here's what you can do…
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