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Don't ignore these four uncommon epilepsy symptoms

by , 24 June 2013

Friday was National Epilepsy Day, so there's no better time to get to grips with the facts about epilepsy. Even if you have a vague idea of what it is, there's a chance you're unaware of four symptoms of epilepsy that have nothing to do with the ‘jerking' seizures typically shown in the movies…

Epilepsy Week is celebrated annually during June, says EpilepsyEvents.

But there are many myths and misconceptions about epilepsy.

‘Jerking’ seizures aren’t only a symptom of epilepsy

That’s because when most people think about this chronic condition, the think about the symptom of when the brain periodically ‘misfires’ and causes seizures, reveals eHow.

But seizures aren’t limited to epilepsy alone.

For example, if you regularly drink diet cold drinks, which are filled with the sweetener aspartame, you could experience seizures, writes FSP Health.

And not everyone who suffers from epilepsy will experience a jerking of the body during seizures.

And that means you may have epilepsy without realising it.

Revealed: Four less well-known symptoms of epilepsy

One relatively unknown symptom is that an epileptic seizure can result in an almost motionless state, where you just stare into nowhere for a few seconds before returning to your current activity.

As an epilepsy sufferer, you could also suffer from moments of confusion where there’s a change in the way you smell, hear, see, taste or feel.

Others could start to swallow or chew for no reason.

Light-headedness, dizziness or unsteadiness as a result of epilepsy can also cause the epilepsy sufferer to frequently feel like he’s going to lose balance or fall, says eHow.

So watch for these four lesser known symptoms of epilepsy. If you experience them regularly, see a doctor. After all, you’ll be able to live a better life if you’re properly diagnosed and know how to control your epileptic symptoms.

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Don't ignore these four uncommon epilepsy symptoms
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