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Don't get knocked by flu as another cold front approaches South Africa

by , 06 March 2013

Google a weather forecast for South Africa and you'll notice that temperatures are set to drop more than 8°C in the coming week. That's a big drop and the change in temperature is likely to knock a few immune systems back and cause colds and flu. Don't let the coming cold front knock you down! Use nature's own flu-fighters to protect your immune system.

One in three people you know will suffer from flu this season.

And while for many it’ll simply be because people around them have been infected, for others it’ll be caused by environmental situations like the colder weather or extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Fluctuations like those we’re set to see over the next few days in South Africa as another cold front hits our shores.

Luckily, nature has provided us with its own set of natural flu-fighters. That’s great news considering that there’s a new strain of ‘super flu’ currently making headlines in Europe.

Fight flu – nature’s way…

The ultimate flu protection plan consists of three things, explains natural health practitioner Dr Jonathan Wright in Nutrition and Healing.

The first is vitamin D. “Optimal levels of vitamin D induce internally secreted anti-microbials which help prevent all sorts of infections – including flu. To achieve optimal levels if you’ll need to get plenty of sun and take 5,000IU daily,” says Dr Wright.

Next on the list is vitamin C.

“The reason this nutrient is so critical for humans is that we’re one of the very few species on earth that doesn’t synthesise its own vitamin C internally,” says Dr Wright. “Since we don’t make our own, it’s important to take vitamin C every day. For adults, approximately 3 grams a day is a minimum.”

But remember, he adds, “when you’re sick, you need more vitamin C than the everyday ‘preventative’ dose.”

And finally, you need to take essential fatty acids. Nature’s plan for keeping flu at bay control is to balance pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids with omega-3 fatty acids, which are natural anti-inflammatories.

So there you have it, start protecting your immune system today to make sure you don’t get knocked down by flu this as the weather starts getting cooler.


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Don't get knocked by flu as another cold front approaches South Africa
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