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Don't even think of suicide if you're suffering from chronic pain! Try these three forms of natural pain relief instead…

by , 07 January 2019

One of the most obvious signs of cancer is constant, unrelenting pain. But a new study's just found that certain non-cancer pain conditions, like back pain and migraine, can be so bad that they lead to an increased risk of suicide. But if your painkillers just aren't working, don't give up hope as there're three natural ways to soothe your chronic pain instead…

The Veterans’ Affairs Serious Mental Illness Treatment Resource and Evaluation Center has performed a retrospective analysis of data from the US National Death Index. 
The results show that there’s an increased risk of suicide when you suffer from most forms of chronic pain like back pain, tension headache, migraine headache, fibromyalgia, and psychogenic pain, says MedicalXpress
The reason?
These forms of chronic pain, often without a known physical cause, tend to come with little prospect for pain relief, says Health24.
Surprisingly, arthritis was one of the few pain-related conditions that didn’t have an increased suicide risk in the study. 
That’s because ARE treatments available for chronic pain brought on by arthritis, which is caused by joint inflammation, explains Health24.
But don’t lose hope if your chronic pain isn’t related to arthritis.
You can still relieve your pain naturally.
Chronic pain relief option 1: Add nutritional yeast to your food!
As some pain stems from inflammation of the nerve, you could experience relief from nutritional yeast, which is rich in the B vitamins that are described as nerve food, says HealingCancerNaturally.
The best part?
Nutritional yeast is safe for vegetarians or diabetics, says Aviva.
Chronic pain relief option 2: Try meditating your stress and pain away
Then, don’t forget that  even mainstream medicine has incorporated meditation as a way to deal with pain as it’s a great way to relieve stress and keep chronic pain at bay, says FSP Health
It works because you distract yourself from your pain by focusing on a pleasant thought or word instead.
But don’t let the silence get to you.
If you're not a fan of meditation, simply turn up the radio.
Chronic pain relief option 3: Use music to ease your pain and depression in one!
New research has proven that listening to music can also reduce chronic pain and reduce depression at the same time, further lowering your suicide risk, says FSPHealth.
In fact, listening to music for an hour per day for just one week can lessen chronic pain by up to 21% and cut depression by up to 25%, adds Antoinette Pombo in Health Bytes.
So if you’re feeling depressed about your chronic pain, try these three pain relief options – you’ll soon feel less pain and more peace.

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Don't even think of suicide if you're suffering from chronic pain! Try these three forms of natural pain relief instead…
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