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Don't eat these foods if you suffer from sensitive skin!

by , 27 September 2013

One in three women suffers from sensitive skin. The reason? For many of them, it's because they're allergic to certain foods and don't even know it. If you suffer from sensitive skin, avoid these foods and it may soon clear up…

“Is your skin sensitivity actually a food allergy?” According to beauty experts and doctors alike, this is a more important question to ask than “What type of products should I be using”.
Revealed: The surprising link between food allergies and sensitive skin…
Ideally, skin should be resistant, hearty and never sensitive. So it’s unusual that so many women classify their skin as ‘sensitive’.
What’s behind it? Food allergies.
After all, says newbeauty.com, “everything we eat eventually shows up on our skin. [So] if you are eating something your body is allergic to, it will show up on your face.”
Four surprisingly common food allergies that cause skin sensitivity
#1. Bread: If you have bumpy rashes or persistent acne, cancel bread, wheat and other gluten products from your diet, advises acneeinstein.com.
#2. Eggs: Eggs, especially the whites, often trigger skin rashes. That’s because histamines in the human body see egg whites as a foreign invader. And so they send white blood cells out to destroy them. This results in rashes, hives and discolouration.
#3. Dairy: “Milk proteins (whey and casein) can aggravate allergies – particularly eczema,” reports livestrong.com. If you’re allergic to dairy, double check the back of all food stuffs to ensure you’re not being exposed to dairy inadvertently.
#4. Wine: Wine allergies are fairly common, affecting as many as one in four adults. That's because wine naturally contains histamines and sulphites that aggravate your skin, reports Discovery Health.
So there you have it: Food allergies could be to blame for sensitive skin. Get your allergies under control, and soon you could experience healthy, happy, glowing skin like you’ve never had before.

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Don't eat these foods if you suffer from sensitive skin!
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