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Don't accept kidney stones as a fact of life - change your diet to reduce the occurrence!

by , 19 February 2014

Fact: You have 10% chance of developing a kidney stone in your lifetime, no matter if you're a man or a woman says WebMD. So have a look around… Will you be the one person in a group of ten who deals with the excruciating pain of developing a kidney stone? Not if you use these tips to change your diet!

Passing a kidney stone is as painful as natural childbirth, says cnn.com. 
It’s a simple case of pushing something too big out of a hole that’s too small!
And just to give you an idea, a kidney stone can be about the size of your little finger nail… Now imagine pushing that through the tiny passage you wee from!
You can prevent kidney stones!
Because kidney stones usually form from a compound called calcium oxalate, avoid foods that contain oxalate. These foods include spinach, beans, beets, berries, green peppers, chocolate, coffee, colas, peanuts, peanut butter and wheat bran.
You also need to drink plenty of water so your urine doesn’t have a chance to become concentrated, taking a long time to form in the kidneys. Water also helps flush your system regularly so there’s less chance of stones forming. 
Despite the name calcium oxalate, it’s not a good idea to eat less calcium rich foods. Because calcium binds to the oxalates in foods, it can pass out with your urine, instead of absorbing into the space in your kidneys and binding to calcium there. This is where the stones typically form. 
Ensure your diet helps reduce your risk of developing kidney stones
Improving the health of your kidneys can help you prevent the development of excruciating kidney stones. So change your diet and reduce your risk!

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Don't accept kidney stones as a fact of life - change your diet to reduce the occurrence!
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