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Doctor Oz reveals: How chocolate, cheese and 20 sheets of paper can stop your migraines

by , 05 August 2013

You'll never again have to suffer the sickening nausea of migraines. You'll never see aura spots again. Those pre-migraine chills will be a thing of the past. You can finally be free of the pressing, throbbing, piercing pain of migraines. Simply read on to find out the secret…

Doctor Oz is the doctor we all wish we had. He’s understanding, knowledgeable and helpful.

He also has a fantastic method for making migraines leave for good.

Do you know the difference between a migraine and a chronic headache?

Some people think that their chronic headaches are migraines. They’re not!

In fact, migraines are characterised not only by pain but by aura, vision problems, chills or hot flashes, dizziness and fatigue, reports MedicineNet. Chronic headaches, on the other hand, are repetitive pain that doesn’t come with other migraine symptoms.

Luckily, Dr Oz’s method works for migraines and chronic headaches alike…

Whether you know that you have migraines, or you’re afraid your chronic headaches may be a symptom of something serious like a brain tumor, this method can help you.

And it’s not a pill, cream or injection…

Avoiding triggers can stop your migraines

Many migraine sufferers can benefit from learning their triggers. Often the triggers are food like chocolate, cheese, red wine or nuts. Each individual has different triggers, so the best way to discover your own is to keep a migraine diary.

Doctor Oz recommends a migraine diary as a top aide to migraine relief

On his website, Doctor Oz says  that tracking your migraines or headaches can be a huge help to your physician. Keep it for at least two weeks and make it as detailed as possible. The Migraine Trust has a downloadable migraine diary template to help you keep track.

Study your migraine diary and see the connections between what you eat, drink or do and your migraines. Once you see the patterns, you can avoid your triggers and make migraines a thing of the past.

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Doctor Oz reveals: How chocolate, cheese and 20 sheets of paper can stop your migraines
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