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Ditch your pill popping habits - go natural to fight pain

by , 13 December 2013

Maybe you've just fallen into the habit of popping a pill every time you have an ache or a pain. Yes, they do work, but excessive use of your pain meds could have the rest of your body feeling a little nervous about undergoing a drug test. Try these pain fighting foods and ditch the pill popping for good.

Your medication for chronic pain and illness serves its purpose, but taking additional medication for more mild symptoms on a regular basis isn’t good for you. 
Why not add any of these foods to your diet and see what they do for your daily aches and pains. Let these foods help you close the lid on your excessive pill popping!
Pain fighting foods to add to your diet
· Eat ginger if you suffer from muscle or joint pain
· Salmon could help relieve your joint pain and settle your upset tummy. 
· Curb headaches with coffee. Coffee provides relief to mild headaches and even migraines.
· Soothe your sore throat with tea made from sage. Simply use dried sage leave to make a soothing tea. 
· Drink sour cherry juice after your workout to lessen the soreness of your muscles.
Using your diet to reduce taking pain medication
What a relief that nature has provided you with so many ingredients that can stop your overuse of chemical medication. 
The effects on your liver and other organs of excessive use of some pain medication is scary. Your other option is to go for natural pain relief and keep your body healthy. 
Put these foods on your shopping list and make your aches and pains go away.

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Ditch your pill popping habits - go natural to fight pain
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