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Discover the healing benefits of copper - the ‘miracle metal' that's been used to treat pain for 2,000 years

by , 08 July 2013

A new archaeological find has revealed that ancient Egyptians used copper to heal broken bones. How can copper heal you naturally? Read on and find out…

From coins to wires and even ornaments, copper is everywhere. But what many don’t know (and what you’re about to find out) is that the healing properties of copper have been used since ancient times with great success.

Live Science reports that archaeologists have found new skeletons in the ruins of ancient Egypt, with some fascinating accessories.
One special skeleton had with a copper toe ring on his right foot, which was broken when he was alive. This suggests that the Egyptians used copper for area-specific pain relief and fracture healing.

The ancient Egyptians used copper for pain relief, can it help you?

Modern day practitioners use copper both as jewelry and as a supplement.

While there’s very little research in the area of ‘transdermal micronutrition’ – the belief that wearing a copper bracelet or ring will transfer the copper’s properties through the skin –  Live Strong reports that those who wear copper for pain relief feel better after using it.

Copper for osteoporosis – the science doesn’t lie

We don’t only find copper in the earth – in fact, organ meats, nuts, seeds and cocoa products all contain tiny traces of copper. You can also take it as a supplement.

In fact, WebMD confirms that taking a combination of copper, zinc, calcium and manganese slows down bone degradation. Both traditional doctors and the alternative medical community alike recommend copper for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Copper use warning: Don’t over-do it

But consuming too much copper can be bad for your health.  So don’t take any more than 10 mg of copper in a 24 hour period. There have been no overdose restrictions on the wearing of copper bracelets or copper toe rings though. In the case of wearing copper jewelry, listen to your body and remove them if you experience uncomfortable side effects.

Get rid of aches, pains, headaches and migraines...

If you suffer from lumbar pains, sciatica, migraine, rheumatism, unexplained tiredness, headaches, backpains, neck pains, digestion problems, sexual impotence or arthritis, you need not suffer a day longer. Your life can be changed. Your pain could disappear.

Most people don't understand why this happens to them, they seem to take it for granted that it's their lot in life. They consult doctors, take pills and often continue to suffer.

The solution for all these ails could lie elsewhere. What they don't appreciate is that to stay in good health, the laws of nature must be respected.

And that's where this little Bracelet could help you. Just try it and you'll be amazed with the results.

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Discover the healing benefits of copper - the ‘miracle metal' that's been used to treat pain for 2,000 years
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