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Dire warning for migraine sufferers! And a surprising way to prevent it…

by , 27 September 2013

If you think an occasional migraine is nothing more than a painful nuisance you have to live with, think again. There's something more sinister at work. And, if you don't find out how to keep your migraines in check, it could alter your life forever…

They say you’ll never understand the pain of a migraine unless you actually suffer from them. After all, ask any migraine sufferer and she’ll tell you they’re more than just a ‘bad’ headache.

Now researchers from the University of Copenhagen are adding their voice to the argument…

Study reveals: Migraines can cause permanent brain damage

We reported on this earlier this month, but according to the study, migraines could permanently alter your brain structure in such a way that it leads to brain damage, reveals the DailyMail.

And that conclusion’s pretty frightening when you consider statistics shows as many as 15% of the global population suffer from migraines.

Luckily, if you’re a migraine sufferer, you don’t have to just cope with them. There’s a natural treatment that’s proven to cut migraine occurrences by as much as 60%.

Foul-smelling flower delivers relief for migraine sufferers

It’s all thanks to a stinky flower called butterbur.

In a study published in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, researchers showed “butterbur may have the power to relieve migraine pain and even stop new migraines from developing! In one study, 60 migraine patients received either butterbur extract or placebo for 12 weeks, and the folks in the butterbur group saw their migraine frequency diminish by an unbelievable 60%,” explains Dr Jonathan Wright, the natural health specialist behind Nutrition & Healing.

The reason?

Well, as we explain here, butterbur contains highly powerful anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic (muscle-relaxant) effects that work wonders on migraines.

Bottom line: Migraines can be controlled – and, in light of the Copenhagen study, doing this should be your top priority.

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Dire warning for migraine sufferers! And a surprising way to prevent it…
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