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Cut your salt addiction in 21 days!

by , 11 March 2013

New research finds many of us are now have a salt addiction. And salt is being dubbed the new ‘Goldilocks conundrum', because while many have been told to cut down on their salt intake to improve their health, others go too far and suffer the consequences of a low sodium diet, like heart disease and strokes. Luckily, it's easy to get the salt balance right and even cut down your salt addiction if you follow these tips…

If you’re feeling more bloated that usual and feeling the need to urinate more frequently, chances are there’s a simple culprit to blame: Salt.
Because nine out of 10 people actually consume too much salt.
And that’s linked to high blood pressure, especially if you’re over 65, says Hive Health and Media.
Don’t cut all salt from your diet!
But you shouldn’t let that scare you in the opposite direction and cut out all salt from your diet completely, as FSP Health explains that salt is one of the essential minerals your body needs to function well. 
“Each cell in our body is like a small ocean containing salty water. Inside our cells we find primarily potassium. These two minerals, sodium and potassium need to be in constant, dynamic balance so the cells can exchange incoming energy with outgoing, depleted energy,” says the Himalayan Crystal Salt website.
That said, you only need about half a teaspoon a day of salt for optimum functioning, and it’s easy to take in much more than this if you eat lots of packaged and processed foods.
Drastically reduce your salt intake in just three weeks…
That’s because up to 80% of our salt intake goes unnoticed in the store-bought groceries and drinks like pizzas, cheeses and tinned tuna, says Hive Health and Media.
So while many of us have a salt addiction, saltiness is actually an acquired taste.
So don’t worry that you’ll miss the taste of salt, as you can retrain your taste buds in 21 days. 
If you slowly cut back on the amount of salt you sprinkle over your food, your taste buds will adjust accordingly, says IOL.
After about three weeks, you won’t miss the salt and your taste buds will get used to the natural taste of food.
You can also cut down on salt in your diet by using fresh foods that are naturally low in sodium – look for foods with less than five ingredients on the label, and use more spices than salt when cooking.
It’s easy to cut down on salt and still get enough sodium in your diet for your body’s optimum functioning!

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Cut your salt addiction in 21 days!
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