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Cook those vegetables before you eat them or you could find yourself seriously sick…

by , 25 March 2013

Swapped red meat for vegetables? Good for you! You'll find you're much healthier in the long run. But new research has found you'll need to swap cold vegetables in salad for cooked vegetables to stay healthy in the short-term, as vegetables straight from the earth often come with the risk of infections that can't be washed off in water!

Unhealthy body weight, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are responsible for 90% of cancers,” says FSP Health.
That’s why you should cut down on the amount of pan-fried red meat, like hamburgers, that you eat.  
Because eating just an ounce of processed meat each day is enough to put you at risk of premature death from cancer and heart disease, says FSP Health
But you may need to rethink your strategy if you’ve replaced burgers with organic salads.
Because a leading food expert now warns that salad is “more dangerous than beef burgers” in the short-term, says the Irish Independent. 
Why are raw vegetables a health risk?
That’s because pre-packaged or ‘washed and ready-to-eat’ salad containing pre-cut spinach has led to a spate of Cryptosporidium infections in the UK and the US.
The cause? 
Certain types of bacteria found in the pre-cut salad bags!
Don’t cut vegetables from your diet completely… Just switch the cold salads for cooked vegetables!
 “You can only make vegetables safe by cooking and you can`t obviously do that with salad”, says the Irish Independent article.
So rather go for a portion of cooked vegetables than cold salad if you want to increase your vegetable intake.
That way, you can still eat the carrots, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables like spinach which contain carotenoids.
The body converts these into vitamin A, which is responsible for regulating the immune system and maintaining the lining in your respiratory tract, says FSP Health.
 There’s an added benefit to switching to cooked vegetables – it’s easier to slip cooked vegetables like pumpkin and spinach into kids’ favourite meals like pasta bakes, so they’ll be healthier in the long run! 

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Cook those vegetables before you eat them or you could find yourself seriously sick…
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