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Coffee flour is the latest gluten-free flour on the market

by , 30 March 2016

If you're anything like me, you harbour a special love for your freshly-brewed morning (and sometimes afternoon) cup of coffee. So, without actually knowing what coffee flour was, I knew immediately that I liked the sound of it! You may be able to relate to this.

I also realised that I hardly ever pause to think about the actual plant coffee comes from or where and how it's grown. I was curious to learn more about coffee flour, so I looked into it. Here's what you need to know about coffee flour ... the latest gluten-free flour on the market.

What is coffee flour?

I'll start by explaining that coffee plants have both fruit and beans. When the beans are harvested to be roasted and ground, the fruit pulp is either used as fertiliser, or more often, dumped into rivers or landfills. This creates unwanted waste that compromises the local and global environment. Coffee flour repurposes the otherwise discarded fruit pulp and grinds it into a useful and nutritious flour.

What are the benefits of coffee flour?

Some of coffee flour's estimated benefits include:
  • Nutrition: It's a gluten-free flour that contains good amounts of fibre, protein, potassium and iron.
  • Taste: It has a rich, roasted fruit taste that complements a variety of baked goods, which I can personally vouch for. I tried a coffee flour brownie and thought it was the perfect complement to the cocoa — adding a subtle depth of flavour.
  • Sustainability: Being able to use more of the coffee plant rather than throwing it away is better for the environment and creates less waste.
  • Job creation: Coffee flour has the potential to create more jobs and money in existing coffee farming communities by turning waste into a new product. Because flour's shelf life is longer than other foods it makes prices less volatile, creating a market that's more stable for those earning their living from it.

How does once use coffee flour?

You can sub it coffee flour or use it in combination with other flours to make gluten-free brownies, cakes or even pasta.

Where can one find coffee flour?

At the moment, you can only find coffee flour in products from businesses working with the CoffeeFlour brand. However, I estimate that it won't be long until it's available in our local supermarkets.

PS: Go here for my top 20 healthy alternatives to white flour.

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Coffee flour is the latest gluten-free flour on the market
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