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Coffee could be the new green tea when it comes to health benefits…

by , 15 March 2013

Green tea is often hailed as the true drink of good health. Want proof? A study in Japan shows that drinking seven cups of green tea a day could cut heart disease risk death by as much as 75%, says Health Bytes. It also helps with weight loss, protection against Alzheimer's disease and a lower risk of prostate cancer. But new research shows coffee's just as good for you as green tea… if not better! Pour yourself another cup as you read why.

Most of us need at least one cup of coffee or green tea to get going in the morning.
Now, a new study shows that coffee and green tea do more than just give you an extra kick of energy – they also lower your risk of stroke, says the Salt.
The study was conducted by Japan’s National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, and it found that people who drink coffee and green tea daily have a lower risk of stroke than people who rarely drink them. 
Here’s why coffee’s better than green tea at protecting against strokes
Just one cup of coffee per day will lower your risk of stroke by 20%, but you’ll need to drink four or more cups of green tea daily for the same stroke-minimising effect.
That’s great news if you already have at least one cup of coffee per day, but you can further reduce your risk of stroke by leading a healthy lifestyle.
This means you “Shouldn’t smoke, be physically active and keep a good diet,” adds the Huffington Post.
Four more ways to boost your overall health with coffee!
Recent studies have also linked a regular coffee habit to a range of benefits from a reduced risk of Type II diabetes to a protective effect against Parkinson's disease, adds the Salt.
Scientists from Southwestern University, Texas, have also discovered that coffee boosts the female libido, adds FSP Health.
And research also shows that drinking coffee may “lower your risk of heart failure, as long as you’re not drinking too much of it,” reports MensHealth
How much is too much coffee? 
MensHealth says to not to exceed five cups of coffee a day.
So what are you waiting for? Go put the kettle on!

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Coffee could be the new green tea when it comes to health benefits…
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