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Co-founder of Brighton Bone Broth uncovers four new superfoods you just have to try

by , 02 August 2016
Co-founder of Brighton Bone Broth uncovers four new superfoods you just have to try
Kale, quinoa and coconut oil can move right on over - there are new superfoods in the spotlight!

Co-founder of Brighton Bone Broth Co, a New York City-based bone broth company that sells top-quality organic chicken and beef bone broth, Sarah Maber says that you've got to try the following four new superfoods.

Four new superfoods to add to your diet

#1: Bone broth
Of course bone broth is on top of the list! What’s funny is that this superfood has been hailed as the “forgotten superfood”. Chock-full of protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, bone broth is a fantastic superfood for relieving fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and even digestive problems. What’s more is it’s also rich in collagen and gelatin, which is excellent for your skin, hair and nail health. You guessed it – bone broth is a fabulous anti-ageing superfood!
#2: Kefir
You’ve probably heard of superfoods kimchi and kombucha, but kefir is the newest fermented food in the superfood world. Loaded with probiotics AKA healthy bacteria that keeps your digestive system well oiled, kefir sits somewhere between yoghurt and milk. It’s very helpful in relieving digestive issues because it doesn’t contain much lactose and is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Just be warned that this superfood has a rather sharp taste, so you may want to add it to a fruit smoothie to make it more palatable.

Coconut oil is one of nature’s most valuable health solutions
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#3: Banana flour
Everyone’s been talking about almond and coconut flour as the best healthy baking ingredients, but banana flour is about to steal the crown. Made from green bananas, this healthy white flour alternative is gluten-free and has a delightful nutty taste. You can use it to bake as well as in smoothies and salad dressings. The great thing is that you don’t have to use much because it has highly absorbent properties. Plus, this flour is high in resistant starch, meaning it will help protect you against diabetes and colon cancer.
#4: Maple water
Where do you find the purest form of sap? Running through maple trees, of course! Maple water is rich in antioxidants and minerals that are beneficial to your blood sugar levels and can improve your thyroid function. The new wonder water? I think yes! But the scientific jury is still out – because it’s still new, there’s little research to support the big claims. While you wait, enjoy it for what it is – a super-hydrating, naturally sweet drink!
Have you heard of or tried out any of these superfoods yet?

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Co-founder of Brighton Bone Broth uncovers four new superfoods you just have to try
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