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Chewing gum: The secret to easing constipation

by , 28 March 2013

If you've recently had surgery to remove part of your colon, you'll know the recovery time can be days on end. Now, research has found that chewing gum can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend waiting to be released from hospital. And it could be the key to easing your everyday symptoms of constipation!

Chewing gum’s long been promoted as a way to ease your food cravings.
Now, research show that chewing gum can also help the colon bounce back faster from surgery where part of it’s been removed, says Reuters Health.  
Usually, colon surgery keeps patients in the hospital for a week or more before the bowel starts working and you can begin to eat normally again.
But this time could be drastically shortened, as a study has now found that chewing gum prepares the gut to receive food again faster.
When will I know if my colon has recovered well enough from surgery to eat again?
Bowel function is said to be normal again when it starts producing gas.
And chewing gum was found to reduce this waiting time by up to 20 hours, explains Reuters Health. 
That’s why chewing gum can also assist if you’re feeling constipated.
Feeling constipated? Try chewing gum!
Because one of the main symptoms of constipation is pain and bloating of the abdomen due to gas build up, says Medicine.Net.
So the next time you feel constipated, reach for some chewing gum.
Two added bonuses of chewing gum 
Chewing gum’s also been proven to boost your memory, and if you choose one that contains xylitol, it can even prevent tooth decay, says Health Bytes.
And as no serious health effects have been discovered, it’s in your best interests to start chewing gum!

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Chewing gum: The secret to easing constipation
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