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Check for tuberculosis symptoms ahead of World TB Day this Sunday!

by , 22 March 2013

“If we do not eliminate TB in our lifetime, the disease will become more resistant to drugs and harder to treat,” warn health experts on Pakistan's The News. The call to action comes just ahead of World TB day on Sunday, 24 March. And while US and UK TB rates are at an all-time low, there are worries about drug-resistant TB. Now's the perfect time to brush up on your TB knowledge and check you don't have the hidden symptoms - it's more than the tell-tale colourful cough…

“Everyone breathes, but very few of us do it right. The last time you breathed properly was probably at birth. And by the time you reached adulthood, your inability to breathe correctly compromised your physical, emotional and mental health,” says FSP Health.   
Now breath profiling is becoming more important as it helps identify certain biomarkers associated with tuberculosis, adds the Times of India.
And tuberculosis is under the global spotlight at the moment, as it’s World TB Day on Sunday.
What is tuberculosis?
Most people know tuberculosis or TB as a lung disease, as small droplets expelled in the air when coughing, speaking or sneezing cause the disease, says NetDoctor.
The truth is, it can cause disease in any part of the body, but the lung is the usual site of disease, says TB Alert. 
That’s why it’s not just the tell-tale cough you should look for.
TB in other parts of the body can cause swellings and pain, so if swelling and pain in any joint or area of the body is accompanied by any two other TB symptoms, chances are strong that you’ve picked up TB, says TB Alert.
So what other TB symptoms should you look out for?
Tuberculosis symptoms to look out for
WebMD says to watch for an overall sensation of feeling unwell, coupled with a cough that lasts three weeks or more, with yellow, green or bloody mucus.
If you also notice a general sense of fatigue, shortness of breath, unexplained weight loss, night sweats and pain in the chest, back, or kidneys you should see a doctor immediately.
Especially as South Africa has one of the worst tuberculosis epidemics in the world, with disease rates up to 60 times higher than those currently seen in the US, says SAHealthInfo.
Prevent TB with ‘herbal antibiotics’ like garlic!
If you have a persistent cough, make sure you eat well and get exposure to morning sunlight, as this is one way to strengthen your body’s immune system against TB, says All4NaturaHealth
For centuries, garlic has been associated with fighting off evil spirits and keeping vampires at bay, says FSP Health.
But garlic’s also a great way to keep your immune system strong against TB infection.
It’s an easy way to strengthen your immune system and hopefully prevent TB.

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Check for tuberculosis symptoms ahead of World TB Day this Sunday!
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