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Can't get relief? Cut these two things from your life to treat those cluster headaches

by , 29 November 2013

Most people relish the thought of summer as it means an end to the constant chill in the air, but clusterheads dread it. Confused? A ‘clusterhead' is someone who suffers from the least common, but most severe, type of common headache (migraines are excluded) - called the cluster headache, which occurs most frequently in spring and summer. Here's how to relieve the pain if you suffer from them…

If you have a cluster headache, you’ll know about it instantly.

This is the intense, constant and piercing pain typically felt as a shooting pain in the eye, says All Africa. But it’s nothing to do with the eye.

Revealed: The reason they’re called ‘cluster headaches’

Cluster headaches tend to occur at a specific time of day and recur in a very predictable cycle, lasting ten minutes to two hours each with the sufferer experiencing four of these headaches a day for months on end before they stop, says Health Reach CHC.

Clusterheads often say they get the worst headaches in spring and summer, and others confuse a cluster headache with allergies. Here’s why…

The obvious sign that it’s a cluster headache and not just allergies…

It’s not just the shooting pain you need to worry about.

If you have a cluster headache, it often looks like one side of your face is affected by allergies, as your eye and nose will also be runny on the side of your face affected by the cluster headache, explains Health Reach CHC.

You may be genetically predisposed to cluster headaches!

While these headaches are dramatic and uncommon, a third of people with cluster headaches have brown eyes and are taller than average, says Motherboard.Vice.com.

But while you can’t do anything about your genes, you can do something to avoid cluster headaches.

People with cluster headaches have often over-indulged in smoking, alcohol and coffee, says NCBI.

So if you’ve had this type of headache before, switch to a healthier lifestyle – especially when it comes to change of season.


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Can't get relief? Cut these two things from your life to treat those cluster headaches
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