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Busted! Napping in the afternoon does NOT keep you up all night

by , 08 January 2014

Since this is probably your first week back in the office, we understand if you're exhausted in the afternoon. We also understand if you force yourself to stay awake because your mom always told you that you'll lie lie awake at night if your sleep in the afternoon. Not true. Finally, we're busting this myth and showing you why having a short nap in the afternoon can keep you fresh well into the evening.

Despite finding it difficult to keep your lids from drooping in the afternoon, you’ve solemnly vowed to yourself you’re not going to sleep before bedtime. You just know you’re going to lie awake at night because of it…
Ever considered that you could feel this way because you’ve indulged in a long afternoon ‘siesta’ instead of a short nap?
Go ahead and nap in the afternoon; it won’t keep you up all night!
You see, there’s a trick to sleeping in the afternoon. It’s a simple case of how long you allow yourself to sleep for. 
The perfect amount of time to sleep for that refreshed feeling is between 20 and 30 minutes. 
Sound like a waste of time?
Napping for a short time keeps you alert for the rest of the evening
Make sure you’re only napping for a short time so you don’t ruin your night time sleep. 
If you struggle to wake up after the 20 minutes, despite using an alarm clock, force yourself to get up and splash some water on your face. 
After your nap, take five minutes to orientate yourself and look forward to feeling more productive and creative for the rest of the afternoon. 
Don’t feel anxious or guilty about napping; it’s a great way to recharge your battery and keep your productivity levels up for the rest of the day. Your friends and family will wonder just how you do it all!

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Busted! Napping in the afternoon does NOT keep you up all night
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