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Breaking news: Change your bed sheets to relieve your sinus headaches!

by , 02 December 2013

Here comes summer… Here come the headaches. If this is your motto, you probably suffer from allergy or sinus headaches. Luckily, there's a surprisingly simple way to reduce the frequency of your sinus headaches…

There’s a strong chance your house is making you sick.


The most common housing conditions tied to poor health are air quality, dust and tobacco smoke, says Inforum.

And dust is a common cause of allergy or sinus headaches, especially when seasons change.

That’s because sinus headaches are more frequent during weather changes and seasonal allergen exposure, says All Africa.

Check that it’s not a sinus headache before you go to the dentist with your toothache…

This is characterised by pain that’s generally mild to moderate and centred around sinuses, either above or below the eyes, says Health Reach CHC.

But you could also feel such intense pressure behind your eyes that it makes your teeth ache.

And while a sinus headache can be relieved by decongestants, antihistamines, or other allergy medications, there’s a better way – prevent the headache in the first place.

One of the best ways to do so? Change your bedding more frequently!

While they may seem like strange advice, it’s been proven that the dust mites found in beds cause allergy-like symptoms.

That’s why so many people wake up with headaches right in the sinus area, followed by sneezing.

The tell-tale sign that it’s a sinus headache and not allergies making you sneeze...

If you’re sneezing more frequently in the morning, check if you sneeze more often when you’re inside than when you’re outside, no matter the season.

That’s a clear sign that it’s a sinus headache and not an allergy causing your symptoms – which means the dust mites in your bed are the most likely cause.

"They're in the mattress, they're in the rest of your bedding, they're in your pillow, they're in your box spring, they can be in your carpeting , they're sort of throughout the bedroom," says ABC Local.

And their body parts and faeces are a component of common house dust, which causes allergic reactions that cause you to wake up sneezing, with a headache and stuffy nose.

So wash your bedding in hot water once a week and remember not to use fabric softener, as it actually creates more dust, explains ABC Local.

You’ve got nothing to lose: You should sleep better on the clean sheets, and there’s a chance you’ll reduce the frequency of your sinus headaches!

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Breaking news: Change your bed sheets to relieve your sinus headaches!
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