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Attention parents! Read this before you let your child to play with your tablet or smartphone

by , 22 November 2013

Do you let your little ones to play with your tablet or smartphone? If so, be warned. Experts say toddlers who use these devices may develop long-term problems with their hands and fingers! Here's why…

While devices like tablets and smartphones may be convenient for you as an adult, it appears they may be detrimental to your child’s development.

Mail Online is reporting that occupational therapist Lindsay Marzoli of the Learning and Therapy Corner in Maryland has said that parents who let their toddlers play with iPads could be damaging their hands and fingers.

And the worst part is this excessive screen time could cause your children long-term damage.

Here’s why you shouldn’t let your kid play with your tablet or smartphone

In the report, Marzoli explains that when toddlers are using touchscreens, they’re not building up the muscles needed for writing.
“If they are always on the iPad and not actually doing those paper and pencil activities that they should still be doing, those muscles are going to remain weaker,” she said.

She added “what we’re seeing is a lot of children coming in with some motor delays, some decreased muscle strength in areas.”

Another worrying factor is that experts say the problem is that the technology is so new researchers do not know what damage it might cause in the long run.

The Mail Online also reports that Dr Timothy Doran, a paediatrician at Greater Baltimore Medical Centre, recently told CBS Local: “Unlimited use, three to four hours of iPad use on their own - where the parents aren’t involved - seems to me that you are flirting with developmental danger.”

Other studies have also shown that youngsters face a “healthcare time bomb” of neck and back pain linked to the use of computers, video games and smartphones.

Should you ban your children from playing with tablets?

According to the report, new guidelines from the American Academy of Paediatrics state that you shouldn’t allow your child more than two hours screen time a day.

They also say children under the age of two shouldn’t spend any time in front of a screen.

You’re also advised to keep televisions, tablets and computers out of your child’s room.

Finally, Physiotherapist Lorna Taylor says that it’s vital that you “instill good habits and provide resources so children can be comfortable, be able to concentrate, reach their full potential and work and play sport as they decide, and not be limited by preventable disability and a life in pain.”

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Attention parents! Read this before you let your child to play with your tablet or smartphone
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