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Attention all men: Harvard study reveals that these five fruits are all you need to give your sex life a serious boost!

by , 21 September 2016
Attention all men: Harvard study reveals that these five fruits are all you need to give your sex life a serious boost!
Can you believe that approximately 30 million men in America alone suffer from erectile dysfunction (or ED)? Of course this condition wreaks havoc on their romantic lives, but what's worse is it can negatively their heart health, too.

In actual fact, studies have shown that ED can be an early warning signs of heart disease… yikes! Scientific data is now backing up the benefits of eating right for your sexual health. As it turns out, swapping out a cupcake for an apple, a toasted sandwich for a pear or a beer for some red wine can really help keep your sexual performance at its peak!

New Harvard study uncovers that the more fruit a man eats, the lower his risk is of erectile dysfunction

In this study, Harvard researchers asked over 25,000 health professionals to record their diet and their ability to have erections for 10 years. Sadly, t the end of the study, 36% reported ED…
What the researchers discovered was that the more nutrients men got from fruits, the lower their risk was of ED. Technically speaking, it was their intake of flavones, flavanones and anthocyanins – three types of flavonoids contained in fruit. Overall, they found that the more fruit men ate, the lower their risk was of ED.
So which fruits exactly did the researchers find to help maintain male potency the most?

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These five fruits have high nutrient concentration and can help with erectile dysfunction

Below are the five fruits that researchers found to have the highest nutrient concentration, which drastically helped with erectile dysfunction:
  • Strawberries;
  • Blueberries;
  • Apples;
  • Pears; and
  • Citrus fruit (like oranges, nectarines and lemons).
In addition to these five fruits, they also found that red wine can help. It may not technically be a whole food but, hey, who’s complaining?

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Want to take back your sex life? It’s as simple as eating one serving of fruit a day!

If you want to help your body combat ED or reduce your risk of the condition, you must eat at least one serving of whole fruit a day. That can be as simple as tossing strawberries or blueberries into your morning smoothie, or snacking on an apple or pear at lunchtime.
In addition to upping your fruit intake, lead scientist Dr Eric Rimm of Harvard says that exercising will help slash your risk of ED, too. He also stresses that you shouldn’t wait until you’re dealing with ED to take control of your health. Eat fruit today to keep the blue pill away!

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Attention all men: Harvard study reveals that these five fruits are all you need to give your sex life a serious boost!
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