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Are you ignoring the tell-tale TB cough?

by , 25 March 2013

With winter just around the corner, coughs are on the increase. Most are harmless, caused by cold, dry air. But there's a particular type of cough you need to watch out for, especially as yesterday was World TB Day. Here's what to look out for…

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Yesterday was World TB Day.
As South Africa has the third highest tuberculosis infection rate in the world, it makes sense that Government is now taking its battle against tuberculosis or TB to prisons, mines and schools, says Bizcommunity.
That’s because TB is an airborne, opportunistic infection that thrives in the presence of a weakened immune system.
But while most people know TB as a lung disease, it can cause disease in any part of the body, like swellings and pain.
So if swelling and pain in any joint or area of the body is accompanied by any ‘the telltale TB cough’, chances are strong that you’ve picked up TB, says TB Alert.
But what is the TB cough?
It’s colourful.
Yellow, green or red mucous to go with your cough of three weeks or more? It’s probably a TB cough…
To be specific, WebMD says it’s a cough that lasts three weeks or more, coupled with yellow, green or bloody mucous.
If you have a persistent cough, make sure you eat well and get exposure to morning sunlight, as this is one way to strengthen your body’s immune system, says All4NaturaHealth
You can also prevent against regular coughs by making sure you’re warmly dressed with a scarf to protect your chest when you’re outdoors, and keeping the air in your house warm.
An easy way to do so is to run a warm-mist humidifier in the bedroom at night to increase moisture and warmth in the room and reduce the risk of coughing from breathing in cold, dry air, says Livestrong.
Go for salt, not sugar, to prevent a cough…
FSP Health suggests you gargle with warm salt water every morning and every evening to prevent catching a sore throat, which can affect your breathing and lead to a cough.
And just one teaspoon of sugar can impair your immune system by 50% for up to a few hours after consumption, so avoid it like the plague to prevent picking up a cough this winter, says FSP Health.
Simple as that. So watch for the colourful ‘telltale’ cough of TB and prevent against others by keeping warm this Winter!

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