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Are soft drinks turning your kids into monsters?

by , 23 August 2013

Do your kids run around the house like wind-up toys after they've had a big soda? Well, it turns out it's not just a harmless sugar high. Read on to find out about the dangers of high soda consumption in kids...

Soda, fizzy drinks, soft drinks, pop – whatever you call it, it's sweet and bubbly and kids love it. Sadly, it affects them to a degree that might be worrying for parents.
A new study showed kids who have soft drinks are more aggressive
This is shocking news, and the study is getting a lot of publicity. In a world where soda is so easily available, it's probably drunk more than water in some households.
Medical News Today reports the huge study followed mothers and children from 20 big US cities. Over 40% of the children had more than one soft drink a day.
But it only took one daily soft drink to bring out the dark side of perfectly sweet kids
The kids who had a daily soft drink were over twice as likely to get into fights, attack others and break other people's things.
That's a highly disruptive child. Especially when they're at the age when school behaviour becomes important. It becomes crucial not to feed their angry side with sugar.
The study didn't find exactly why the soft drinks brought aggression out in kids. But they did recommend that, for aggressive children, a ban on soft drinks might be a good idea.
Bottom line: When tantrums and fighting come around, you might want to chuck out the fizzy drinks. You'll cut down the odds off aggression in half just by making this simple dietary change. And remember, adults who drink one soda a day have a higher risk of diabetes too, so having a soft drink free house is a great idea for the whole family.

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Are soft drinks turning your kids into monsters?
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