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Apitherapy: Is it just another health craze or an effective treatment?

by , 04 February 2014

Apitherapy is on the list of natural treatments Gwyneth Paltrow's used - and she admits it's a little crazy. But while they use it in many treatments of chronic diseases, and has been since ancient Egyptian times, there's no real clinical evidence to support it works! So what is it about bee venom that has natural health news abuzz?

Bee venom therapy, or apitherapy, uses the venom of a bee to treat certain ailments. Basically, you’re using a bee’s venom to heal you.
Gwyneth Paltrow tries many different natural treatments. And admits that she used bee venom to heal an injury. And while it sounds a little crazy, she says it worked.
Practitioners claim bee venom has anti-inflammatory properties. It heals chronic pain and various diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lower back pain, migraines, skin conditions and cancer.
So is it just another health craze or an effective form of treatment?
Apitherapy used to treat a variety of ailments
You know a bee sting is nothing to laugh at! It’s painful, and remains that way for several days. 
But while some people are highly allergic to bee stings, and they can actually die if they’re stung, it seems it’s healing in some cases. 
And some people use it as an alternative treatment for cancer
Cancer.org says there’s a component of bee venom that has anti-tumour properties. But there’s no clinical evidence to support it works. There’s no actual research showing that apitherapy works in preventing cancer.
The same ingredient seems to have anti-arthritic properties. Many people choose apitherapy as a form of treatment to heal their arthritic joints!
There are virtually no side effects of apitherapy if you’re not allergic to bee stings
About 2% of the population are allergic to bee stings, so bee venom therapy is a no-no for them! But for the rest of the population, there’s only a short period of pain and discomfort. 
So if you’re willing to give this very alternative form of treatment a try in an attempt to heal your ailment, just make sure you’re not allergic to bees first!

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Apitherapy: Is it just another health craze or an effective treatment?
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