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Ancient Egyptians knew the secret to eating their way to better kidney health

by , 16 April 2013

If you're kidney health is suffering, there's hope in sight as a kidney "grown" in the laboratory has just been transplanted into animals where it started to produce urine. This offers hope to kidney dialysis patients. But there's a natural way to protect your kidney health… all you need to do is make like the ancient Egyptians who ate lots of grapes and salmon!

In the United States alone, 100,000 people with end-stage renal or kidney disease are on waiting lists for a donor kidney.
Now, lab tests are providing hope that these kidneys will soon be manufactured, to drastically cut down the waiting time and risk of dying before a donor kidney is available, as well as the risk of the body rejecting the new kidney, says Reuters
This all factors into why the kidney is one of the most complicated organs made so far.
Sadly, a study in the journal Nature Medicine showed the engineered kidneys were less effective than natural ones, says BBC News
And kidneys specifically engineered for humans are still a long way off.
That’s why you need to do all you can to keep your kidneys healthy.
Replace fatty foods with grapes – seed and all – to prevent kidney disease!
Luckily, research has found that it’s easy to lower your risk of kidney disease.
See, most kidney disease changes your blood PH as it goes into a state of metabolic acidosis. 
But grape seed neutralises the high acidity that results from eating a fatty diet. 
So while doctors usually prescribe medications such as sodium bicarbonate to balance this out and preserve kidney function, you can also neutralise the acidity with grape seed and skin, as they’re alkaline.
And that's all it takes to prevent kidney disease, says FSP Health.
Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with kidney disease, you’re at risk of metabolic acidosis if you eat lots of fatty foods as they’re highly acidic, says the Newswise website.
But it’s not just grapes that hold the secret to kidney health
Keep your kidneys healthy by eating lots vitamin-D rich salmon…
Because your kidneys need extra vitamin D to function properly, too!
You can increase your vitamin D levels by eating enough oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, writes Metro.co.uk.
That’s all it takes to improve the health of your kidneys – grape seed and oily fish like salmon.

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Ancient Egyptians knew the secret to eating their way to better kidney health
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