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Always tired? A lack of sleep isn't just making you look uglier, it's putting your health at risk!

by , 11 September 2013

If you've ever been wondered why people constantly ask “Are you ok?” after you've had a rough night of sleep, wonder no more. A new study out of Sweden has found that a bad night's sleep affects your facial features and actually makes you look less attractive.

Is there any truth is the saying “I need my beauty sleep”?

A study from the University of Stockholm reveals there is…

A bad night’s sleep makes you look less attractive

“We already knew that sleep deprivation caused weight gain, played havoc with our genes and made us do dumb things, but it also makes us ugly,” reports The Herald Sun.

This comes after a Swedish study, which had people look at the photos of study participants who’d been photographed at 14:30 after eight hours of sleep and then again at the same time after going 31 hours with no sleep, showed that sleep deprivation:

  • Made them look unhealthier,
  • Gave them paler skin,
  • Gave them red eyes,
  • Made the corners of their mouth droop,
  • And added more wrinkles to their appearance.

Not only did this make study participants look less attractive, but those who looked at the photos said the “people who were sleep-deprived looked sadder” too, adds The Huffington Post.

This study is important to your health! After all, if other people regularly tell you how tired you’re looking, you can be sure a lack of sleep is compromising your body and your health too.

Use this natural health secret to get a good night’s sleep

According to news.com.au, “one third of the world’s population are dangerously sleep deprived.”

If you’re one of them, drink two glasses of tart cherry juice to get your sleeping patterns back on track. This will help you “sleep longer and leaves you feeling more rested,” explains, Dr Jonathan Wright, the natural health specialist behind Nutrition & Healing.

The reason?

Cherries contain melatonin – a hormone that helps your body regulate its natural sleep/wake cycles
So take a long hard look in the mirror when you wake up in the morning to see if you’re looking your best. If you’re not, take action before your face and your body begins to show signs that something is wrong.

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Always tired? A lack of sleep isn't just making you look uglier, it's putting your health at risk!
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