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Always thought running was better than walking? Myth busted!

by , 05 April 2013

If you're a fitness newbie, this will come as good news: Research has found that you don't have to switch your brisk walk to a run for better health benefits; just walk farther! Here's why…

Looking to get more active to reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes risk?
You don’t have to become a long-distance marathon runner overnight.
In fact, brisk walking is just as good as running, says WebMD.
You’ll reap the same overall heart benefits from brisk walking as you would from running
While running is faster, as you can cover twice as much ground in the same amount of time as you would walking, you’ll just need to walk farther for the same health benefits.
So if your friend runs a kilometre each evening, you’ll need to set out for a two kilometre brisk walk for the same heart health benefits. 
This is because the most important factor is not intensity but the total energy used, explains The Daily Mail.
But remember that it must be brisk walking to count.
Because any brisk physical activity, not just those long, exhausting runs, can be great news for your heart health, adds The Daily Mail.
How do you know you’ve done enough exercise to keep your heart healthy?
If you’re getting tired, you can stop as long as you feel warmer, breathe harder and your heart beats faster than usual.
So don’t overdo it, as it takes outdoor walking just three times a week to boost endurance and resting heart rate, says the BBC.
That’s all you need to cut your risk of dying from heart disease by as much as 15% by getting active, says FSP Health.
The secret to sticking to your fitness routine…
Walking’s also a great way to stay fit as winter approaches.
Because while it’s easy to stay indoors and ignore your fitness plans, getting out and taking a brisk walk around the block is all you need to enter a more positive mindset, which will leave you more likely to stick to your fitness routine! 

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Always thought running was better than walking? Myth busted!
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