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Alleviate chronic pain with these natural treatments

by , 02 July 2013

Pain is typically a symptom of underlying health problems. But what do you do when you don't know what's causing the pain and doctors keep on giving you drugs that don't seem to work? Simply turn to natural alternatives. Read on to discover how these two essential nutrients could help you alleviate debilitating pain.

According to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing, while most mainstream doctors would load you up on Nonsteroidal anti-flammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and send you on your way, a better answer to alleviate pain might be as simple as supplementing with these two key nutrients: Vitamin D and molybdenum.

Vitamin D and molybdenum: Two effective natural pain relievers

In a Mayo Clinic study, 150 individuals were seen at an inner city clinic between February and June 2002 with persistent non-specific musculoskeletal pain.

Researchers found that 140 of 150 people (93%) were deficient in vitamin D. (Their serum level was less than 20ng per milli - litre.)

Another study done in Arabia involved 360 individuals (90% women) who had unexplained chronic low back pain for at least six months. When they were tested, 299 (83%) had an abnormally low level of vitamin D.

“All of these individuals improved with vitamin D treatment. Even some of the individuals with normal pre-treatment levels of vitamin D had less pain when treated with vitamin D, for a total of 95% improved (341 of 360),” says Dr Wright.

But vitamin D isn’t the only nutrient capable of improving chronic pain.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study 14 individuals with chronic pain were treated with either 500mcg of molybdenum or a placebo daily.

Researchers found that molybdenum was significantly more effective than the placebo in relieving pain. The effects of molybdenum became noticeable within several days of starting treatment, but wore off again several days after molybdenum was discontinued.

Well there you have it. Two natural pain relievers that work. Be sure to speak to your doctor before trying any one of these treatments.

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Alleviate chronic pain with these natural treatments
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