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Agonising over kidney stones? Here's how to stop them recurring

by , 10 January 2014

If you've had kidney stones once, you never want to have them again. And you'll tell everyone you know that they need to do everything possible to prevent them. Fortunately, despite the frequency of this urinary tract disorder, kidney stones are preventable! Here's how to keep the agony of stones out of your kidneys:

Shockingly, there are a few comments in posts about kidney stones we read about how some doctors treating patients with kidney stones tell them that some people are simply more prone to develop kidney stones and that’s that. 
Reading comments on posts about kidney stones is shocking. It seems many doctors tell their patients they’re simply more prone to developing kidney stones and that’s that – there’s nothing they can do about it. 
While this is partly true, there are plenty of ways you can prevent them! 
If you’re prone to developing kidney stones, or you’ve seen the agony in someone who has had kidney stones, here are ways you can prevent them…
And it starts by changing a few things in your lifestyle and diet
Drink lots of water and flush the chemicals out of your kidneys!
Your kidneys love water, and water helps to flush toxins out of your body. So the more water you drink the less chance the chemicals have of gathering together to form crystals that cause them.
Reduce the amount of salt in your diet to prevent crystals forming in your kidneys
Salt can increase the amount of calcium your urine forms, and calcium plays a big role in forming kidney stones. 
So limit the amount of salt in your diet. You’ll reduce your risk of kidney stones, keep your heart and blood pressure healthy.
Eat less animal protein to avoid developing kidney stones
When you eat meat, your body forms more calcium. So as in the point above, you’re more likely to form kidney stones if your diet has a high intake of animal protein. 
Avoiding foods that increase your kidney stones risk
Eating beetroots, chocolate, tea, most nuts, spinach and rhubarb can cause kidney stone formation. So if you’re prone to having kidney stones, rather avoid these foods. 
Whether you’re prone to developing agonising kidney stones or are just trying to prevent ever getting them, it only takes a little effort on your part to change your habits. Changing your diet to avoid developing kidney stones is fairly simple, but make the decision to stick to a kidney stone busting lifestyle. 

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Agonising over kidney stones? Here's how to stop them recurring
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